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We are Pragmature, Business Consulting, Creative Engineering and Transition Managers in the light Electric Vehicle and Advanced Battery Sectors.


Pragmature has been established to support ambitious – private and public – organizations, to imagine, define and implement innovative but pragmatic projects, in the field of LEVs. We are the experts in Product & Services, Branding & Communication, and Distribution Strategies. Pragmature operates efficiently with lean structure team, adjusted to every project case.


Pragmature is daily managed by Jacques, Msc in Automotive Engineering, who has globally awarded engineering and innovation background, patents holding, and great business accompishmentss in both Automobile and LEV industries since 3 decades. Paragmature is also supported by a team of young business team members, global industry experts, creative and young designers. Selected consumers are also part of many sector panels studies on every projects.


Electric vehicle sector is now changing with new products and new mobility strategies. For last mile and inter-modality in a “Blue” format (with limited health and earth impact), we can use today kick scooters, bikes, trikes, scooters, motorcycles NEVs and … full EVs

Jacques E. Bonneville Founder & CEO


New Mobility Sector represents significant business opportunities and growth potential, in Automobile and LEV industries, and new key sectors like advanced batteries and charging solutions. Urgent necessity to act rapidly and collectively to meet low emission targets , and reduce traffic congestion in big cities, have created new public policies, and will generate new rules and regulations applying to our industry.

Become a Major Player

Creative management of innovation, Cross sector product planning, new distribution strategies and recycling engineering approaches have created outstanding business opportunities for new players.

Let’s Play Together.
Jacques E. Bonneville
Founder & CEO

Light Electric Vehicles


We develop new strategies for Electric Scooters, Bicycle, Motorcycle, LEVs and advanced battery systems in various fields. Brand Building and Business development are built with appropriate Market Analysis, Design & Engineering, Product Planning & Sourcing, Sales & marketing, and new distribution strategies.


Major vehicle manufacturers (scooters, bikes, motorcycles and cars) including newcomers are actively implementing new business strategies since last decade. Time to market is becoming critical to gain significant market presence. We help you to analyse future opportunities, and define appropriate strategy and tactics to quickly increase your business size, profitability and company value, in a fast changing world.


Both scientific and market studies are conducted, including new trends, sector survey, and competitor analysis in Light Electric Vehicle and Battery markets. We provide you decision-making tools in various area including brand positioning.


Innovation is key to success. We continuously develop innovative new ideas, products and services. We fight against built-in obsolescence. We run customer clinic to confirm market acceptance and business potential.


Business experience allows us to provide product planning management full services, from concept or prototype to mass production. We have high quality and competitive sourcing options in all regions including Asia.


PR activities and Social media are key to quickly increase awareness and build strong brand image in high-tech products. We are building communication plans and creating outsanding campaigns even within limited budgets.


We are familiar with Mass channels, Specialized Store and Dealer networks. Recent Internet growing influence and customer never ending demand make us working on a wide spectrum of retail options as Webshops, Click&Collect, Flagship Stores, Pop-up Stores and other coming channels…

Business Wire


Our communication channel for LEV industry news and events.
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